J Prince Explains How He Orchestrated Kanye West & Drake Reunion Concert

Drake Kanye West

J Prince detailed the conversations he had with Drake and Kanye West to bring them together on stage for the first time since 2016.

Kanye West and Drake will reunite on stage tonight (Dec. 9) in L. A for the “Free Larry Hoover” benefit concert thanks to J Prince. 

The long-standing tensions between the two superstar rappers ended last month after J Prince intervened. The pair met in Toronto, squashed their beef, and announced plans for a reconciliation concert. The concert aims to bring awareness to prison reform and justice for incarcerated Chicago gang leader Larry Hoover. 


The Rap-A-Lot Records CEO said fans have Larry Hoover to thank for the reunion. It was him who “planted the seed.”

According to J Prince, “He wanted to see Kanye and Drake come together in the name of peace. His son Larry Jr. was hanging out with Kanye a lot, and of course, Drake is my son, but [Larry Hoover] planted the seed, and I watered it.” 

During an interview with Billboard on Tuesday (Dec. 7) J Prince detailed his conversations with Ye and Drizzy that led to the peace treaty. Prince said contrary to the jokes flying around at the time, he didn’t have to coerce Kanye to meet with Drake during that meeting inside the church. 

Prince “Kept It Real” With Kanye

“It was an interesting conversation, but the furthest thing from the truth regarding any kind of force,“ he noted. “I heard all kinds of rumors, and that was the furthest thing from the truth. To me, that moment was what I called an ‘anointing moment’ — because none of it was planned. It wasn’t planned where we had that meeting in that particular church, but me being a man of God, I couldn’t deny the invitation to actually meet him.”

He said he “kept it real” with Ye and was brutally honest with him, something that J Prince said resonated with Kanye. The pair bonded after Kanye told Prince, “I ain’t ever had anyone ever talking to me like that.” 

How J Prince Got Drake On Board For The “Life-Saving Event”

J Prince “painted the bigger picture” to get Drake on board. “I let him know that this is a moment and movement that can save lives,” he explained. “I believe by Drake and Kanye being an example, as two of hip-hop’s top artists, that lives would be saved.” 

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He continued and said setting an example for others to follow “meant something to Drake.” Once the “life-saving event” was in motion, “everything is icing on the cake after that, because he never envisioned things like that. So I had to tap into a power greater than the anger or whatever these guys had for one another.” 

Ultimately, J Prince said fans are in for “a historical show and an enlightening concert.” “Well, I was shocked and surprised last night when I went to the stadium and saw the stage. It seemed like it was about fifty feet high, and was basically covering the whole field.” He added, “I can only imagine what’s going to on on a stage this big.”