J. Prince Invests His Immense Wealth Into A Private Island

J Prince

J. Prince is definitely living the good life, on his own private island. 

Hip-Hop mogul J. Prince has done bought himself a whole tropical island. 

The Texas native used some of his reported $50 million to acquire land in the middle of a crystal-clear ocean, and in his typical Rap-A-Lot way, noted how he has made the impossible, possible.

While pushing a wave-runner, on his Instagram he shared what haters told him in the past, “They said it couldn’t be done.”

“They told me I was dreaming too big,” he continued. “They told me I was crazy.”

“They said it was impossible. I done made the impossible possible … Prince Island #1. Loyalty for life.”

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The video showed the island off in the distance, not allowing fans to see the landscape of his new investment.  But the move is a power flex for sure. He is not the only influencer from the culture to own an island. 

The first billionaire couple of Hip-Hop, The Carters, copped a nice slice of earth in the Florida Keys.  Jigga reportedly dropped a light $20 million on the 12.5-acre island for his wife’s 29th birthday.

Other Hip-Hop adjacent celebs who own their own island are Naomi Campbell, Lenny Kravitz, Eddie Murphy, Leo DiCaprio, Diana Ross (shut up), and Shakira,

 Seems like the guy responsible for so much of the south’s best music is in good company.