Ja Rule Stirs Up 50 Cent Beef—Again

Ja Rule

Ja Rule faced relentless trolling from 50 Cent’s fans after claiming he signed a lucrative record deal on social media.

Ja Rule boasted about signing a new record deal, thanking his fans and taunting his detractors in a post on X (formerly known as Twitter) on Thursday (January 4). The former Murder Inc. Records claimed his deal could be worth up to $100 million.

“Just signed my new label deal potentially worth a hundred mill… LFG!!!” he wrote. “Thanks for the love and to the haters SMD…”

Ja Rule’s announcement sparked multiple arguments with X users. One person accused him of lying about the deal, which provoked a response from the multi-platinum-selling rapper.

“Another Sucker,” he wrote. “Imagine saying no one giving me 100 mill unless it’s for my catalog which I OWN and is actually worth OVER 100 mill… you can’t make this s### up… s### goofy.”

Several people antagonized Ja Rule by mentioning his longtime rival 50 Cent. An X user encouraged Ja Rule to restart their feud but received a quick dismissal of the idea.

“Loser mentality,” Ja Rule wrote. “That’s beneath me!!!”

But fans kept bringing up 50 Cent’s name in the replies. Ja Rule bickered with several people before calling his old foe a rat.

“You dick riding goofy what you tagging that rat for?” he asked an X user who tried to get 50 Cent’s attention.

Ja Rule’s back-and-forth with social media trolls made him wish for fans who’d be willing to fight his online battles. He urged his fans to be more “savage” because he was ready to be petty in 2024.

“I need them a###### fans that go at ppl head for talking bad on my name lmao my fans not savage enough,” he wrote. “I wanna follow all my savages lol… I’m on b####### this year!!! Tired of being the bigger man taking the high road f### that… Meet Petty Murphy!!!”

Ja Rule has not released an album since 2012’s Pain Is Love 2. He most recently clashed with 50 Cent in September 2023.

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