Ja Rule: It’s No Way Around White Rap Fans Using The N-Word (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) The use of the n-word in Hip Hop has been a touchy subject in the culture for years. It is particularly controversial when it comes to white rappers and fans saying the term.

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Ja Rule spoke about the topic in an interview with DJ Vlad. The star of the family reality show Follow The Rules suggested nothing can really be done about white rap fans reciting the n-word at concerts or clubs.

“The kids listen to Hip Hop. They use the n-word. It’s no way around it,” said Ja.

The “Holla Holla” rapper told his sons to not use the word around their white friends. Ja made it clear he would not accept his children’s white friends saying the word in his presence even if they were reciting lyrics from a rap song. He also offered a warning to white males thinking about adding the word to their personal dialogue.

“I would advise any young white man, ‘You may not want to use that word. If you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time, you’ll get punched in the mouth for using that word,'” stated Ja. “My kids may not punch him in the mouth for it, but one of my little cousins that still lives in the hood – yeah, you’re gonna get punched in the mouth.”

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Watch the Ja Rule’s interview below.