Jack Harlow Does Something Awesome For Special Olympics Softball Team

Jack Harlow Olympics

Jack Harlow is getting some major props for helping out the Louisville, Kentucky special Olympics Softball team!

Jack Harlow, who recently experienced some fallout for guest-starring on Lil Nas X’s new “Industry Baby” song and in the video, is showing up like a gold-medal winner.

Sure, Americans are cheering on Team USA for proudly winning more medals (7/30) than any other country over in Tokyo, but at home Harlow is showing just as much support to the athletes in his backyard.

The Louisville rapper has dropped off a big bag to his local Special Olympics so that the young tykes competing for valor can feel like champions also.

He has committed himself to paying for new equipment and uniforms for the 10 to 23 special needs athletes who are playing on the Louisville Royals Special Olympics softball team.

The team was able to get catcher’s equipment, gloves, and other needed items. They also got to receive some Jack Harlow swag shorts.

The “Whats Poppin” artist gave the money without knowing where it would land. Originally the gift was connected to the city’s Urban League. A parent then connected it to the team.

Cathy Derringer, a coordinator for the team, said “They had a donation that was looking for a home. It was the exact equipment that we were putting off for a year. We didn’t spend money on it this year because we wanted to wait… it was amazing. We needed it and it found its way to us.”

The coordinator was happy, but the kids were even more excited.

Dallas Jared Derringer, a member of the team summed how they felt about the gift in three words and said, “ It was awesome!”

This is awesome. Good looking out, Jack Harlow. You’re out here making a difference.