Jackboy And Lil Baby Building A Hospital In Haiti To Help Earthquake Victims

Lil Baby and Jackboy

Jackboy and Lil Baby are teaming up together for a good cause. They are about to make some power moves to help the people of Haiti after a devastating earthquake!

Jackboy and Lil Baby are teaming up to build a hospital in Haiti after the country’s devastating August 14 earthquake.

Responding to the damage the powerful 7.2 temblor caused to the island nation, Jackboy – who was born in Haiti – took to Instagram Stories, calling for volunteers to come together to help construct a new medical facility.

“I just walked through a hospital in Haiti and all the patients sleeping outside,” he wrote. “I personally handed every single last one of them a(n) envelope full of money but fr fr (for real) I feel like that ain’t enough. Who want to go to Haiti with me and get a hospital built. It’s not really that much especially if we use U.S. dollars. #PrayForHaiti.”

Lil Baby, real name Dominique Jones, responded to Jackboy’s plea and sent him a direct message, writing, “I’m in.”

Jackboy, real name Pierre Delince, replied with a series of messages, penning, “You just got a whole different type of respect for me. Ima set everything up and keep y’all in contact with the hospital director.”

Jackboy posted a screenshot of their exchange to his Instagram Story on Wednesday, with an additional caption that read: “Got my n#### on it with me we on God about to make something special @lilbaby.”

He also posted a video of himself to his Instagram page, driving around Haiti and interacting with locals, and another showing some of the island’s damage, soundtracking the clips with his own track, “Where I’m From.”

According to CNN, the earthquake killed at least 1,297 people and injured more than 5,700.

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