Jadakiss Reveals Ghostwriting For Diddy “Was Taking Away Too Much Of Me” 

Jadakiss recalled his time as Diddy’s ghostwriter, explaining that he “really hated it” and struggled to relate to Diddy’s wealth.

Jadakiss is dishing on his time as a ghostwriter for Diddy during his spell at Bad Boy Records in the nineties. 

In the early days, while making a name for himself, Jada would write for Bad Boy boss and other artists. While he’s made millions throughout his career, and solidified his status as an emcee, there was a time the Yonkers native found it difficult to write for Puff because he couldn’t relate to his lavish lifestyle.  

During an episode of Smoke DZA’s The Personal Party Podcast, the Lox member recalled how much he disliked penning tracks for Diddy’s 1997 album No Way Out.  

Jadakiss Explains His Struggles Writing For Diddy

“I really hated it,” Jadakiss shared. “After giving [Diddy] ‘Benjamins,’ ‘Victory,’ ‘Senorita’ and a couple remixes I used to feel like it was taking away too much of me. I didn’t know how to morph. It ain’t like he was a n#### that I knew my whole life and I could describe him how I think he should be.“ 

Jadakiss explained that he struggled to relate to Diddy’s wealth which caused him difficulty writing raps for him.  

“I ain’t feel like I could write the bars for myself and give it to him because I didn’t feel like it fit it. He had too much money. I was still extra grungy and my mind couldn’t think about that much Versace or being on that type of financial level so it used to conflict with me writing for him.”  

He continued: “But [Diddy] used to tell me, ‘Give me the s### that you would say for you.’ But I’m like, ‘It ain’t gonna fit for you.’ He used to know how to make it work. Until I got older and realized how easy it was.” Check out the clip below.  

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