Jamie Foxx’s Daughter Says Actor Called Goons To Intimidate Her High School Boyfriend

Jamie foxx/Corrine

Jamie Foxx’s daughter claims the actor was “over the top” as she was growing up.

Jamie Foxx once recruited a group of his friends to pay a visit to her high school boyfriend to “intimidate” him.

The “Ray” star’s real-life bond with his eldest daughter, actress Corinne Foxx, has inspired the new Netflix sitcom “Dad Stop Embarrassing Me,” and the 26-year-old admitted they had plenty of material to draw from because he was so “over the top” growing up.

She told Entertainment Tonight: “Yes, my dad is cool, but he also embarrassed me a lot through my teenagehood. So we basically wrote a show about it…

“He’s just over the top with everything. I think one that is in the show is when he showed up at my high school boyfriend’s front door with a gang of his friends to, I don’t know what. Intimidate him, threaten him, who knows what he said to this kid.

“That’s just a very, very small amount of the things that he did to embarrass me.”

Corinne – whose mother is Connie Kline – admitted her dad has “never been on set” for any of her movies because he’s such a “big personality.”

She said: “I think he likes to give me kind of a little bit of space to do my thing. And you know him. He’s a big personality on set.”