JayDaYoungan’s Father Says Son Killed In Ambush By 5 Gunmen; Attack Not Gang Related


JayDaYoungan did not know his attackers, who were envious of his success and lifestyle as a rapper, his father claims.

JayDaYoungan was killed after being ambushed by five shooters who gunned him down outside of his home last week, according to his father, who was also shot and injured during the fatal shooting. 

The rapper’s father, Kenyatta Scott, detailed the moments leading up to his son’s death on Wednesday (Jul. 27). He told TMZ he was sitting outside in the front yard of his Louisiana home with his son when they were attacked.  

Three people armed with guns suddenly jumped out of a black truck. As JayDaYoungan and his father attempted to flee inside the house, two more gunmen approached the property from the side.  

Despite being armed and firing back to defend himself and his son, Kenyatta Scott was shot twice in the arm. He remains in hospital. Tragically, JayDaYoungan was hit at least eight times and lost a lot of blood. Though he was rushed to hospital for emergency surgery, he did not survive his injuries. The popular Louisiana rapper died on Wednesday July 27, aged 24. 

While cops are exploring all avenues regarding a motive for the slaying, including gangs and/or retaliation, Kenyatta Scott doesn’t think it was gang-related. He doesn’t believe JayDaYoungan had beef with anyone and believes the shooters were unknown to his son. He also thinks his son’s murderers were jealous that he made it out of his hometown and envious of his success. 

 Authorities think there was only one shooter although they have yet to identify a suspect or make any arrests.  

JayDaYoungan’s father said his son should be remembered as a “good, humble and respectful kid.”