Jim Jones Embraces Puerto Rican Heritage Ahead Of “Broken Spanglish” Album 

Jim Jones has been brushing up on his Spanish like never before and embracing his Puerto Rican roots for “Broken Spanglish.” 

Jim Jones is gearing up to take the second half of the year by storm, dropping three projects, including a Latin American language album, Broken Spanglish

Originally scheduled for release in summer 2022, the project is a blend of Capo’s Black and Puerto Rican heritage. Broken Spanglish features artists like J Balvin, Arcángel and Nelly Nelz and sees Jim Jones explore a different soundscape, including Spanglish drill, Latine trap, reggaeton and more.  

The Harlem native says making the album tested his linguistic abilities. “I learned more Spanish recording this album than I’ve known my whole life,” he said during an interview for Remezcla

“I’m grateful for my heritage and my Puerto Rican people,” Jim Jones added.  “I’ve been to Puerto Rico a few times, but not on the basis of trying to see my family or look where my family is from and things like that.” 

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Nonetheless, Jones is planning to explore his Puerto Rican ancestry in the near future. “I’ll take that excursion pretty soon because it’s well-needed. It’s part of my roots, and I need to learn more about it,” he shared. 

Jim Jones originally intended to release Broken Spanglish in the summer of 2022 after releasing his joint project with Maino, The Lobby Boyz

He’s now planning a follow-up to his Maino collab alongside a tour later this year. If that wasn’t enough, Jones reportedly intends to release successors to his debut album, On My Way to Church, and his 2013 mixtape, Vampire Life 3