Jim Jones Sneak Peeks New ‘Broken Spanglish’ Project

The rapper is gearing up to drop the third of a six albums pack for the year.

Immediately after releasing his joint project with Maino, “The Lobby Boyz,” Jim Jones is preparing to drop a Spanglish project, blending his Black and Puerto Rican heritage.

The Harlem native and worldwide ambassador is sharing how easy it is for him to floss on people in any language. Already knew he spoke English, Broken English, Harlem-ese, and now he wants you to get into this new bilingual flow.

He took to social media to share with fans a snippet of one of the songs on the new project.

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Capo wrote on his Instagram, “Spanish album loadin “broken Spanglish”
#VLLrecords vamplife Latin rec @hightoleranceusa.”

Dripped in a white teen and a coffin-crafted iced medallion, he flows in and out of two tongues with ease.

No one should be shocked. Back in December of 2021, Jones told AllHipHop.com that he was preparing to drop a total of six projects in 2022, making it a big year for the rapper/ mogul.

As AllHipHop.com reported, his new album was released in June, making many in Hip-Hop scratch their head when they peeped his rapping partner was Brooklyn’s own Maino.

Mr. “Hi Hater” and one of the founding members of the Diplomats had beef, but eventually squashed it when they realized it was not as serious as they once thought.

“We had a Mexican standoff,” Maino recalled as the show hosts broke into fits of laughter. “I was on the escalator going up, Lenox Mall. Jim Jones had to have 30 n##### with him. I had my brother 80 with me, it was like four or five of us. I’m going up, and I see these n##### going down, and they see me and I start counting and I’m like ‘Damn, that’s a lot of n#####.’ So I got to the top of the escalator, something say turn around and them n##### coming back up.” 

Jim Jones added, “80 and Sheek, Sheek is my OG, similar to how [Maino] and 80 move. But they knew each other very tight from being in the street. So at that point, they kind of intervened. They was saying what they was saying and it was just somehow me and him walked by ourselves to Bloomingdale’s.”

Now the two have celebrated with a summer banger, which is the perfect setup for Jones’ “Broken Spanglish,” which is coming soon.

“Broken Spanglish” will be the third release this year for the rapper. Before “The Lobby Boyz,” debuted, he dropped “Gangsta Grillz: We Set the Trends.”