Jim Jones Sends Veiled Threats To Dee-1 Over Criticism For Glorifying Violence

Jim Jones

Jim Jones called Dee-1 a figment of the Dipset rapper’s imagination after the New Orleans native criticized Jones, Rick Ross and Meek Mill.

Dee-1 stirred up trouble by calling out Jim Jones, Rick Ross and Meek Mill for glorifying violence in their music. Jones defended himself and ridiculed Dee-1 when asked about the criticism in an interview with Sway Calloway.

“I don’t care about what [Dee-1] said,” Jones said. “That boy don’t know me. I know his trick. He using my name for fame. It’s all good … I do more in one month for people than he’ll ever do in his whole life. I really give back to the people. I don’t care about none of the rhetoric he talking about.”

He added, “In real life, I do a lot for the people. Let’s line up the statistics. You talking or you doing? You talk a good one. What have you done?”

Jones repeatedly belittled Dee-1, dismissing the New Orleans native’s work despite pushback from Calloway. The Dipset rapper also issued a warning to Dee-1, hinting a potential violence.

“I don’t like to hear people mention my name, especially when you don’t know me,” Jones said. “Because that’s very touchy. You gotta watch whose names you mentioning out here. Because my little cousin might not like how you mentioned my name. And then he might want to slap a dread out your head just ‘cause he don’t understand that you using my name for fame … I’m not promoting violence. I’m just saying that when you do certain things, there’s a reaction for every action.”

Dee-1 reacted to Jones’ interview in an Instagram post on Friday (November 10).

“Jim Jones responded,” he wrote. “This is serious. Watch in full. These are some of the highlights, possible threats, warnings, insults, and other things spoken on. Once again, this is a PIVOTAL MOMENT in Hip-Hop history and we need to make sure we come out better because of it. I’ll be back shortly…..”

Listen to Jones firing back at Dee-1 below.

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