JT Threatens To Beat Twitter User In The Face Over Lil Uzi Vert

The femcee was ready to “break it to” a Twitter troll over her man.

Most fans know City Girls rapper JT doesn’t play when it comes to her man, Lil Uzi Vert. From causing havoc at award shows to gathering edges on social media, if anyone comes for the “Just Wanna Rock” rapper, she’ll have to channel Nivea.

To kick off the week, JT chose violence after one fan posted a picture of Lil Uzi Vert with the caption, “This really JT man????!” JT promptly replied, “Yes! & I’ll beat you in your mouth bout him!”

JT seems to be on one over the last few days, and justifiably so. She also got into it with celebrity news blogger KenBarbie, who’d tweeted, “Somebody better tell JT Ice Spice already brought her ‘princess’ collar.”

A couple of days later, JT responded, “Non-Black [people] once again using terms to insinuate that black women are dogs.” A few more exchanges flew back and forth during the weekend, with KenBarbie insisting he was Black.

As he tweeted on Monday morning (July 17), “Where was this energy when that girl played in your face? Talking bout she the girl of your man dreams after playing with him DIRECTLY in your face? You know who to try, huh?”

He added, “She never has this energy for women. She’s just giving y’all a show because at the end of the day… she knows I don’t touch women. But where’s this energy for the girls? That’s why Ice Spice gagged her at the awards and left untouched and KEPT trolling her right after. But instead, she went and liked her picture like a @ThegirlJT.”

It got nasty with both parties posting private direct messages.