JT Clashes With Cardi B-Supporting Blogger KenBarbie

JT City Girls

Is this social media beef a proxy war between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj?

The apparent tension among female rappers and their supporters seemed to boil over earlier today. City Girls member JT got into a war of words with well-known celebrity news blogger KenBarbie.

Last year, JT feuded with rap superstar Cardi B with her longtime rival Nicki Minaj also jumping into the situation. Minaj and JT worked together on music. KenBarbie has openly admitted to being friends with Cardi and often criticizes Minaj.

There also has been speculation that JT got angry at her partner, Lil Uzi Vert, at the 2023 BET Awards in June over his interactions with fellow Nicki Minaj collaborator Ice Spice. However, JT’s camp denied Ice Spice caused the argument.

On Friday night, KenBarbie tweeted, “Somebody better tell JT Ice Spice already brought her ‘princess’ collar. 😫.” Two days later, JT responded, “Non-Black [people] once again using terms to insinuate that black women are dogs.”

That response led to several exchanges on Twitter that included KenBarbie insisting he is “100% Black” and referring to his adversary as a “lap dog,” assumingly for Nicki Minaj. Additionally, JT also called on Ken to meet her in New York.

KenBarbie told JT he does not fight women, and he brought up Lil Uzi Vert by referring to the “Just Wanna Rock” hitmaker as “Leslie.” Plus, Ken questioned why she did not verbally attack Ice Spice after the Bronx native allegedly shaded her.

“Where was this energy when that girl played in your face? Talking bout she the girl of your man dreams after playing with him DIRECTLY in your face? You know who to try, huh? 😂,” posted KenBarbie on Monday morning.

Ken also wrote, “She never has this energy for women. She’s just giving y’all a show because at the end of the day… she knows I don’t touch women. But where’s this energy for the girls? That’s why Ice Spice gagged her at the awards and left untouched and KEPT trolling her right after. But instead, she went and liked her picture like a 🐱@ThegirlJT.” Both KenBarbie and JT then exposed direct messages between each other.

City Girls scored a Billboard Hot 100 entry with “Twerk” featuring Cardi B in 2019 while JT served time in prison. At some point, Cardi and JT had a falling out. JT eventually aligned herself with Nicki Minaj. The public beef between Cardi and Nicki goes back to at least 2018.