Nicki Minaj Changes Twitter Avi To JT, Cardi B Switches Hers To Remy Ma Amid Day Of Twitter Beef 

Nicki Minaj replaced her Twitter profile pic with one of JT, after Cardi B and the City Girl spent the day firing shots at each other online.

Nicki Minaj has entered the beef that erupted between Cardi B and JT on Twitter on Monday (Sept. 4). 

While tensions between the ladies of rap have been simmering for weeks, with insults and subtweets fired off from multiple parties, Nicki and Cardi have not come for each other directly. 

However, when the “Do We Have A Problem” rapper changed her Twitter avi to a photo of JT of Monday evening, following hours of back and forth between Belcalis and the City Girl, Nicki intentionally inserted herself into the beef. 

Did Nicki Minaj Fire Another Shot At Cardi B?

Nicki Minaj eventually replaced the photo with one of her name written in neon lights with a pen in place of the first letter “I.” Some fans speculated this means Nicki is writing new music, possibly a diss track. Alternative theories suggested it could be a subliminal dig, suggesting that while she pens her own lyrics, others, including Cardi, are accused of using ghostwriters.  

After Nicki changed her avi to JT, Cardi B seemingly responded with a profile pic update of her own. She replaced her avi with a pic of Remy Ma, with whom Nicki has a longstanding rivalry.  

While Nicki Minaj and Cardi B have their own historic feud, the profile pic changes came after a day of Twitter beefing between the “Hot S###” hitmaker and City Girl JT.  

Tensions between the women began innocuously enough when JT congratulated GloRilla on the success of the “Tomorrow 2” single, However, she didn’t include her former collaborator in the tweet, which Cardi B took as a sub.  

The pair then went back and forth over multiple tweets, with Cardi calling JT a “lapdog” and JT responding with “wiener dog.” 

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