Cardi B & JT Reportedly Squash Their Beef

Cardi B

Things got very heated on the timeline on Monday.

Another week, another beef for Cardi B. After clashing with Akbar V on social media last month, Cardi got into a Twitter conflict with City Girls member JT yesterday.

The heated back-and-forth started after news broke that GloRilla and Cardi B’s “Tomorrow 2” debuted at #9 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. Some Twitter users then began dragging JT and other women featured on Nicki Minaj’s “Super Freaky Girl (Queen Mix)” because that remix did not make it into the Top 10.

As a result, Cardi and JT dissed each other on Twitter throughout the evening. Accusations of ghostwriters, shots about chart positions, and allegations of Nicki Minaj fueling the flames played out in front of the world.

Hollywood Unlocked founder Jason Lee shared his thoughts on the Cardi B versus JT feud. According to the celebrity blogger, both rappers have apparently settled their differences behind the scenes.

“Let me be clear. I love City Girls and Cardi. I’m on the phone tomorrow to get them on the same page cause we need both of them. We not letting an old lady get in the way,” posted Jason Lee.

The former Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood cast member also tweeted, “I respect these girls. I want this fixed ASAP. [They’re] all dope. We need to fix this.” 

A few minutes later, Lee added, “I can either use my platform to make the girls fight or fix it. Ima always try to bring people together. Cardi be minding her business and then the funny s### be happening. I’m not gonna let a misunderstanding get outta hand. [Hip Hop is] bigger than this petty s###.”

Nearly an hour after midnight on the East Coast, Lee returned to Twitter. He wrote, “Talked to BIG BARDI. It’s squashed and they talked it out that’s what I like to see… I hate seeing all these female rappers fighting [with] each other. Both have respect for each other. Hip Hop [is] bigger than this! Yassssssss.”

In addition, Jason Lee told his Twitter followers that he had a conversation with JT. The Gagging host ended the night by tweeting, “Talking to @thegirljt. We [are] good. I’m going to bed.”