Judge Allows Pregnant Lawyers To Stay In Young Thug RICO Trial – For Now

Young Thug

Prosecutors wanted to separate two of Young Thug’s co-defendants from his RICO trial because their lawyers are pregnant.

Two pregnant attorneys convinced a judge to wait on possibly severing their clients’ cases from Young Thug’s upcoming RICO trial.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Judge Ural Glanville agreed to delay his decision on the matter until April 28. Prosecutors sought to separate Kahlieff Adams and Tenquarius Mender’s cases from Young Thug’s trial due to their lawyers’ pregnancies.

Attorneys Teombre Calland and Nicole Fegan argued their pregnancies won’t prevent them from properly defending their clients. The two believed they will be able to take maternity leave and return to court in time for opening statements in the trial.

“Mother Nature is not something that I can bargain with,” Judge Glanville told the lawyers. “And while we are all thrilled [about the pregnancies] … there are a lot of unknown variables. We should have, if all works out, a jury by early summer.”

Adams, who’s represented by Calland, and Mender, who’s represented by Fegan, don’t want to find new attorneys. Both men are willing to have stand-ins for their lawyers during the jury selection process.

Jury selection is underway for the trial against Young Thug and his 13 co-defendants. The court intends to call 1,200 potential jurors with the last group scheduled to appear in May.

Young Thug’s trial is expected to last six to nine months.