Judge Throws Out $20 Million Lawsuit Against Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne

A judge has granted Lil Wayne’s motion to dismiss a $20 lawsuit filed against him by the multi-platinum selling rapper’s former lawyer.

Lil Wayne has scored a victory in his legal battle with his ex-lawyer.

According to Radar Online, a judge has granted a motion to dismiss a $20 million lawsuit against Lil Wayne. The judge determined the suit was incorrectly filed in California when the case should’ve been litigated in Florida, where Weezy lives and works.

Ronald Sweeney, Lil Wayne’s former attorney, sued his ex-client for unpaid commissions. Sweeney, who began working with Weezy in 2005, maintains he became the rap superstar’s manager when Cortez Bryant was fired in 2018.

The lawsuit alleges Weezy “failed and refused to pay Plaintiffs his promised 10% of the recovery from lawsuits, 10% of the sale of master recordings owned by Lil Wayne’s record label and then 17% in general commissions that he owes to Plaintiffs in connection with Plaintiff’s day to day management activities.” These missed payments include Sweeney’s supposed work on the New Orleans native’s settlement with Cash Money Records.

The Young Money founder claims Sweeney was never his manager. He also contends Sweeney wasn’t even involved in the rapper’s settlement with Cash Money Records. Weezy says he hired other lawyers to handle it.

Lil Wayne, who insists he doesn’t owe Sweeney any money, has countersued his former attorney. He’s accused the lawyer of overcharging him in fees for years. Sweeney has denied those allegations.