Judge Faces Scrutiny For Allowing Accused Gang Member Lil Cray To Shoot Video In Courtroom (VIDEO/POLL)


(AllHipHop News) Judge Michael Ryan of the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Justice Center is dealing with some criticism over a recent decision that did not have anything to do with one of his cases.

A local rapper named Lil Cray (born Crayshaun Bates) shot part of his “Indicted” music video in Ryan’s courtroom.

Bates is facing charges in adult court including criminal gang activity and attempted murder.

Ryan admits to offering his courtroom to a friend that works as a music producer, but the judge claims he did not find out Lil Cray was the artist until the day of the shoot.

Despite being aware of Bates’ pending charges, Ryan defended his choice to allow the accused criminal to use the space.

“Last time I checked the Constitution, everyone is innocent until proven guilty,” Ryan told Fox 8. “I’m always about helping young people especially when I see that they have promise. They have talent.”

Earlier this week, Lil Cray was accused of violating his house arrest and offering a $35,000 bribe.

Judge Ryan now acknowledges he would not repeat his support for a rapper using his courtroom.

“Probably not one of the better choices that I made. But I was trying to help,” said Ryan.

Lil Cray does already have two videos on YouTube with over 400,000 views.

His “Indicted” single currently has 177,000 plays on Soundcloud.