EXCLUSIVE: Trey Songz Jane Doe Accuser Admonished By Judge

The woman who filed an anonymous lawsuit against Trey Songz better reveal herself fast or her lawsuit will be tossed.

(AllHipHop News) The “Jane Doe” who filed a $10 million lawsuit against R&B singer Trey Songz is being admonished by the judge overseeing the case for hiding her identity.

The woman filed the lawsuit on January 2, claiming the popular singer sexually assaulted her during a New Year’s Eve party at E11even in Miami last year (2018).

Jane Doe’s lawsuit says Trey Songz put his hand up her dress and tried to insert his fingers into her v##### during the party.

The judge overseeing the case blasted Jane Doe for filing anonymously without the court’s permission.

“Plaintiff is admonished for never seeking leave to proceed pseudonymously,” Judge Ursula Ungaro said, adding that Jane Doe hasn’t produced an argument as to why she should be allowed to proceed anonymously.

“The Court perceives no legal basis for allowing the plaintiff to proceed using a fictitious name in this case,” Judge Ungaro ruled.

Judge Ungaro is giving Jane Doe until Friday (January 10th) to write a letter to the court explaining why the complaint should not be dismissed.