Offset, NLE Choppa, Chrisean Rock And More To Join Kai Cenat In “Jail” For 7 Day Livestream Event 

Kai Cenat

Kai Cenat announced he will spend seven days in a mock jail alongside celebrities, including Offset, NLE Choppa and Chrisean Rock.  

Twitch streamer Kai Cenat is spending seven days in a mock jail, and he’s not doing his time alone, roping in several rappers and content creators with him. 

The viral streaming star teased his live event in a recent Instagram Live with Nicki Minaj. He shocked fans and the NYC icon by revealing that he was about to spend seven days in the slammer.  

“What?” a stunned Nicki Minaj replied. “Why are you going to jail?” While he didn’t disclose the reason, Cenat confirmed that he wasn’t getting locked up for “the riot.”  

The Twitch star was recently charged with “inciting a riot” when thousands of his fans showed up at New York City’s Union Square Park for a giveaway. Cenat did not seek an official permit for the event. 

However, Kai Cenat quashed fans’ concerns on Wednesday (October 25), revealing his “jail” plans. He shared a trailer for the upcoming event “7 Days In” which will see him spend a week in jail with cameras recording his every move.  

The video, a dramatization of life behind bars, features Kai Ceant making jail calls and working out in his cell. He also unveils the inmates that will do time with him.  

Among them are Offset, NLE Choppa, Chrisean Rock and Druski, alongside several other popular content creators. Check out the trailer below.  

Offset recently bonded with Kai Cenat during a 24-hour Twitch livestream. “I had the most fun in a very longtime this weekend,” the “Jealousy” hitmaker told Cenat following the event. “Love them n##### like they my brothers.”