Kanye Expected to Hold Donda Listening Event in Chicago

Kanye West

According to Apple Music, “Donda” is coming this Sunday, and there are now signs of a third release event, this time in Ye’s hometown, Chicago.

Kanye West told us “Donda” is coming. Twice. And that was just in the last month! And yet, here we are, more than halfway through August, and the project has still not been released. 

Fans initially became aware of the “Donda” project in July 2020 when Kanye first announced it. The first release date given was July 23, 2021. The album would come following both listening events at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. And though the live streams from both events broke Apple Music records, the album failed to materialize.  

Now, according to Apple Music, “Donda” is coming this Sunday, August 22.  

There are now signs of a third release event, this time in Ye’s hometown, Chicago. Yesterday, Fake Shore Drive founder Andrew Barber tweeted, “Donda listening party in Chicago”  

The responses, presumably from disappointed fans of the rapper, were hilarious! 

Another tweet this time from a user who is claiming to work at Soldier Field in Chicago has garnered a little more interest. His tweet read “I work for security at soldier field and we recently had an event added under “major concert event” and I’m very confident that it’s for Kanye’s listening party. If it’s true, then Kanye will be performing in Chicago at soldier field on the 26th.” 

Fans are no doubt tired of waiting for a date that never seems to arrive. However, one fan has taken that idea to its extreme in a bizarre fan theory that is gaining traction.  

The post first appeared on a subreddit page under the title “[Theory] Kanye Wants To Make The First Official Unreleased Album.” The user suggests Kanye’s concept with donda is an album that has materialized itself into existence without being officially released.”