Kanye West Slams Nas, Pusha T And Teyana Taylor In Leaked 2018 Recording  

Kanye West

In leaked footage from an unreleased documentary said to be recorded in 2018, Kanye West blasted Nas and claimed he rapped off-beat.  

Kanye West trashed Nas’ rapping skills in a rant that saw the G.O.O.D. Music founder going in on Pusha T and Teyana Taylor in a leaked video that surfaced online recently. 

In the recording, said to be from around 2018, seemingly leaked from an unreleased documentary, Kanye West is on the phone to “Scooter,” presumably his former manager Scooter Braun. Ye says he wants off of G.O.O.D. Music before claiming the artists he worked with on his “Wyoming Sessions” albums are using him.  

“It ain’t going be in this situation,” West begins. “It’s going to be a get me out this muthafuckin G.O.O.D Music s### now. And Scooter, it ain’t going to be no ‘I’m still putting my name on that s###’. I need to get rid of G.O.O.D Music ‘cause I’m great and guess what? Good is the enemy of great.” 

Ye then goes on to rant about his Wyoming albums, questioning why he “gave away” the projects. 

“What the f### I’m doing giving “Wanna Love You” to f###### Teyana,” he said, seemingly referring to Taylor’s K.T.S.E. album cut “Gonna Love Me,” before asking the same question of former G.O.O.D. Music president Pusha T’s Daytona.  

Kanye West continued, complaining that he “gave away” the equivalent of three of his classic My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album, before going in on Nas’ Wyoming project.  

“’Cop Shot The Kid,’ Nas rapping all g###### off-beat on it,” West added. “Don’t even wanna shoot a video then shoot the video and don’t even tell me.” 

Ye continued, “These muthafuckas don’t appreciate me. All these muthafuckas tryna use me. I’m the greatest muthafucking artist living and I can do everything!” 

Watch the clip below. 

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