Kanye West & Adidas To Release Yeezy Sneakers Worn By NBA, NFL & MLB Players


(AllHipHop News) Is Yeezy really about to jump over Jumpman? The Kanye West and Adidas partnership is set to produce a new sneaker collection for 2017.

Slam reports shoes bearing the G.O.O.D. Music boss’ “Yeezy” tag will be seen on the feet of NBA players connected to the show company.

The article reads in part:

We’ll also see Yeezy iterations primed for football, baseball and soccer, as the brand continues to enjoy storied success in global soccer and looks to ramp up signing more NFL and MLB athletes. After sponsoring only around 20 players in each stateside league in recent years, the brand is planning to sign up to 250 players in both the NFL and MLB within the next three seasons. With Kanye in the fold, athletes have never been more open to signing with adidas.

According to Slam, Kanye is on pace to earn an endorsement rate comparable to basketball superstars Kobe Bryant and LeBron James. Royalty incentives, bonuses, and triggers could possibly push that financial total even higher.

“He can become very wealthy, just like Michael Jordan has,” an Adidas source stated.

In June, Kanye and Adidas announced the creation of retail stores that will serve as hubs for Yeezy products. The statement also included the revelation of forthcoming performance-intended street and sport designs.