Kanye West Bid For President Masterminded By Donald Trump Cronies

Kanye West and Donald Trump

Two Republicans with close ties to President Donald Trump helped engineer Kanye West’s failed run for office, according to explosive new documents!

New information has emerged stating that Kanye West’s presidential campaign was masterminded by key GOP members and Republicans directly connected to Donald Trump.

Despite claiming it was an “independent” third-party, top advisors like Holtzman Vogel, a managing partner at one of the top conservative political firms in the nation, were paid millions of dollars for their expertise — a fact that KANYE 2020 failed to report to the election boards which is illegal.

According to the Daily Beast, Paul S. Ryan, vice president of government watchdog Common Cause, said, “The importance of disclosure in this matter can’t be overstated.”

“It’s no secret that Kanye West’s candidacy would have a spoiler effect, siphoning votes from Democrat Joe Biden,” he continued. “Voters had a right to know that a high-powered Republican lawyer was providing legal services to Kanye—and federal law requires disclosure of such legal work.”

Jordan Libowitz, the communications director for Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, a company that reviewed Kanye’s campaign’s FEC filings along with hundreds of other campaign communications in court records, called his election run a “disaster” and absolute “amateur hour.”

He added that Kanye “paid a lot of money for those results.”

“It’s very clear that the whole point behind Kanye’s campaign was to try to re-elect Donald Trump,” he continued. “Whether that was a goal of Kanye is another issue. But he was clearly seen as a way to steal potential votes from Biden.”

But this is not the first time news has surfaced that The Reds were puppeteering the now billionaires campaign.

New York Magazine reported last August that there were two GOP operatives prominently involved with his campaign: Gregg Keller, a former executive director of the American Conservative Union, and Chuck Wilton, a political pun for the Republicans.

Keller was actually listed as a Yeezy’s Arkansas campaign contact, and Wilton was a convention delegate for the former president, Donald Trump, and an elector for the “Jesus Walks” chart-topper.

In the thick of the campaign, four senior members in the Republican party admitted to assisting the Chicago native make the deadline to file as an independent candidate in Wisconsin in September of 2020.