Kanye West Says He Was Using Backpack Rap

Kanye West

Kanye West was back on Drink Champs for part two where he revealed he was using the backpack style to get on.

Kanye West appeared on the most recent episode of “Drink Champs” for a now-infamous revealing interview. Kanye spoke about everything from his beef with Drake to Jay-Z and Dame Dash to his relationships with his peers. Long-time collaborator and friend for over 2 decades, Talib Kweli caught some shots from Ye in that first part but the Chicago native wasn’t finished with him.  

Now, part two is here and Kanye West is back at it again. In a clip being circulated, Ye says he was never a backpack rapper, the style that initially made him famous. He claims he was just using the backpackers, and furthermore, he doesn’t even really like it like that. 

Specifically, he named Talib Kweli and said he never appreciated his music at all.  

The conversation veered into the territory of backpack Rap and Kanye suggested he was never really part of that movement. N.O.R.E asked him flat out, “So you saying you not from that?” Kanye responded with, ”Not at all I was using…” before being interrupted by laughter from the room.  

N.O.R.E and DJ EFN were thrown off guard by Ye’s candor and unsure of how to proceed.  

Kanye then addressed Talib Kweli, “I apologise once again to Kweli. I’m sorry.” Before adding, “I never f##### with your raps” and exploding into laughter.  

Then, he was reminded that he had been spotted recently with the New York emcee. “Oh s###, I did just see that n####,” he said. “I totally forgot. Now I’m really gone have to fight this man. There’s gone be ten n##### with fitted caps from 12 years ago chasing me.” 

Kanye West On “Drink Champs” Part One

Last week, Talib responded to the first part of the interview where Kanye said “Common is a thousand times better rapper than Kweli.” He addressed this and Ye’s other comments via Instagram and in an interview with TMZ

In one post, he responded with some quotes from Yeezy contradicting his “Drink Champs” statements. 

“Kweli and Mos Def took me in when nobody else would. They were like “we like you.” – Kanye West. 

“(Kweli) taught me the most about being an artist. More than anybody.” – Kanye West. 

“There was something about this (MAGA) hat when I put it on it made me feel like Superman.” – Kanye West. 

Then, he spoke on Kanye’s disdain for his baseball caps saying, “BTW @kanyewest I also wear fedoras too. 🤷🏾‍♂️🤣” 

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Watch part Two of Kanye on “Drink Champs” Below