Kanye West Tries To Get Kim Back With Sweet Picture And Long Prayer

Kanye West

Kanye West just dropped a long prayer hoping to get his family back. He admitted to drinking too much, embarrassing Kim, and was not prepared to run for President!

Kanye West wants to restore his family.

While he is thankful for all the blessings he has in his life, he believes that the one thing that will make his life complete is to have his wife’s confidence restored.

So he posted a prayer/ apology on social media to start the long healing process.

The billionaire has taken to Instagram to post a picture of him and his ex-wife kissing on a beach. He pours his heart out through a five-minute video that he calls his “Thanksgiving Prayer.”


The video is Black and White and features his Sunday Service choir. It is also close-captioned so that fans can follow along.

Kanye West opens with a silly joke about his name mirroring Conway from Griselda and announcing that this will be a super, super, super, super long prayer. He then thanks God for his blood family, his fans, and the haters.

This makes sense, as Kanye has often said that his haters are just as important to his life as those who celebrate him.

At the beginning of his prayer, Kanye informs the people that he wrote this prayer as he is taking his son, Saint, to his first football game. He drops a small stunt and shares that his oldest son played catch with Tom Brady before playing his game.

God is just so good.


His prayer continues by saying that his son is a mix of him and his wife’s face. These two things, his prayer informs, are two of his favorite things.

But then the prayer gets a little serious.

Kanye West abandons the s##ts and giggles to declare his greatest desire for his life. He says, “All I think about every day is how I get my family back together and how I heal the pain that I’ve caused.”

Yeezy continues by saying that he takes accountability for his actions (or what he also calls mis-actions).

In a very mature movement, Kanye recognizes that the one thing that his failures and successes have in common is that he is at the core. He then confessed that alcohol had a huge role in the dismantling of his family.

He then acknowledged that he did not always take his medicine to manage his manic episodes. Kanye noted how not taking his meds caused issues in his family.

In a moment of full transparency, Kanye mentions that his ego teeters from being “entertaining” to being “overbearing.” He reprimands himself by saying, “There are ways to show confidence without arrogance.”

While he mentioned that his temper pushed back his family, he moved past that to reveal that when he “got saved,” his self-righteous behavior did not make him a better person. He stated in this (more-confession-than-prayer) prayer that he was “arrogant with his Jesus.”

Kanye shares for the first time that Kim did not want him wearing the MAGA hat and that she wanted to protect him from the criticism that was sure to come his way. He revealed that his political position, including running for President, made him and his family targets.

He admitted that he was ill-prepared to run for President, did not have political allies on either side, and embarrassed his wife by revealing personal information during this only press conference.

Kanye also reveals that he was not a good steward over the family’s finances.

He ends the prayer by saying that he is thankful for the family that Kim has given him, the life that God has given him, and the patience that the public has given him.

Do you think that this is Ye turning over a new leaf? Or do you think he is just messing with our heads?