Kanye West & The Game’s “Eazy” Cover Art Faces Criticism From PETA

Kanye West

PETA criticized the cover art for Kanye West and The Game’s “Eazy” single, which featured a graphic photo of a skinned monkey.

PETA has an issue with the cover art for Kanye West and The Game’s new single “Eazy.”

The animal rights organization’s president Ingrid Newkirk condemned the photo in a statement to Billboard. Kanye West and The Game shared the cover art on their Instagram accounts before the song was released on Friday (January 14).

“The photo is reminiscent of the monkeys PETA has found, sometimes heads, sometimes hands, sometimes the whole body, in meat markets around the world,” Newkirk told Billboard. “And it makes it clear that when you remove the fur you can’t miss that there’s a person in there, that they are fellow primates, and do not belong to us to abuse for any purpose — not in laboratories, roadside zoos, movies, or meat markets.”

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PETA also called out Kanye West on social media.

“The disturbing image of a skinned monkey that @kanyewest shared serves as a reminder that there’s no real difference between humans and other animals,” PETA wrote on Instagram. “Their lives aren’t easy when we abuse and kill them for food, experiments, clothing, or entertainment — they’re not ours to abuse for any reason. #EndSpeciesism.”

Kanye West and The Game’s “Eazy” collaboration featured ‘Ye taking a shot at his estranged wife’s boyfriend Pete Davidson. Yeezy rapped about beating up the comedian on the track’s second verse.

Listen to “Eazy” below.