Karens Are Coming Out To Cause Fear And Horror This Halloween


Halloween is going to be very different this year – thanks to a company selling costumes based on the infamous Karen!

Halloween is about to get scarier, as costume companies are hocking a domestic terrorist outfit for October 31st.

For a small fee, anyone can dress up as “Karen” for the holiday and further traumatize Black and Brown people while they are trick or treating.

It won’t be the ghost and goblins that will scare you out of your candy corn.

This year, by far, the most terrifying costume is made up of a blonde bouffant wig and sunglasses ala a suburban white woman who uses her abusive euro-feminine wilds to lock people of color up.

It is manufactured by the American fancy dress company, Spirit.

On Twitter, one woman captioned, “and the scariest costume goes to…”

Some have taken offense to the term and costume, questioning why people would want to dress up like the derogatory term to label white women.

In the comments, one person shared, “And just like that, the word ‘Karen’ has lost all contextual weight and importance. It’s just now a silly quip and I don’t like how they’re profiting from the very real issue of racism.”

“This is exactly why we need to stop making jokes out of racism. The Karen thing was never funny to begin with,” another said.

The term “Karen” can be found in various online dictionaries as an “obnoxious, angry, entitled and often racist middle-aged white woman” who stereotypically wears “blonde bob, asking to speak to managers and often an anti-vaxxer.”

Some white women with the name Karen, just want their names back. Check out the many women born with the name “Karen that have gone to the media to ask the public to simply stop calling her.

What do you think?

Do you think the “Karen” phenom is starting to go overboard?