Keke Palmer Accused Of Stalking Ex-Boyfriend’s Family

Keke Palmer

Keke Palmer and her mama are accused of stalking and harassing or ex-boyfriend’s family members!

Keke Palmer has been hit with a restraining order by her ex-boyfriend Darius Jackson’s brother. Sarunas Jackson has filed restraining orders against Keke and her mother Sharon Palmer.

Sarunas, also an actor, has accused the pair of “harassment,” according to documents and is seeking protection for himself, his parents, and one of his other brothers. The “Insecure” actor alleged that Keke harassed him on January 11.

“She has made foul claims that I have sexual abuse claims on me when I do not,” Sarunas wrote, detailing the alleged harassment. “I have never done such a thing. She has gone to the media & has used her celebrity to publicly lie on (sic) my family and myself, which has resulted in death threats by the public.”

The actor has also claimed that Keke stalked his friends and family online.

“She has harassed and stalked my friends and family’s social media,” the filing claimed. “She has reached out to people in relation to me to lie on (sic) me and my family. Has caused career damage.”

According to the documents, Sarunas has demanded that Keke Palmer stay at least “150 yards” away from him, his family, his home and his workplace. The actor also claimed Sharon had threatened him and his family.

The restraining orders come weeks after Darius claimed Keke was the “primary aggressor” in their relationship following her initial domestic violence complaint.

Keke Palmer and Darius welcomed a son, Leodis, in February last year. Their relationship ended in late 2023 and they have been embroiled in legal battles ever since.