Kenan Thompson Teases LL Cool J Collaboration Now That Sitcom Is Over

Kenan Thompson and LL Cool J

AllHipHop caught up with longtime ‘Saturday Night Live’ cast member Kenan Thompson at the Rock the Bells Festival.

Kenan Thompson is plotting his next move following the cancellation of his eponymous sitcom.

The Saturday Night Live cast member spoke about his career in an interview with AllHipHop at the Rock the Bells Festival. Kenan Thompson mentioned his connection to LL Cool J and a possible collaboration with the Hip Hop legend.

“LL’s my brother,” he said. “We been getting a lot closer in contact lately ‘cause I think he’s got a couple ideas for shows or something like that. Now that I have his camp contact – you never really wanna ask when you be seeing people in passing all the time. It’s always just like, ‘I see you. Love is love, blah blah blah.’ But now, I been contacting him or whatever. So, he brought us out [to Rock the Bells].”

The comedian also reflected on his NBC series Kenan. He confirmed the show won’t be revived on a streaming service such as Peacock, recalling that he was told, “It doesn’t make business sense.”

“Unfortunately, we’re on to the next idea and stuff like that,” he said. “But it was a good run. It’s a good two seasons. It’s out there forever.”

Check out the entire interview with Kenan Thompson below.