Kendrick Lamar Draws Giant Crowd While Filming Drake Diss “Not Like Us” Video

Kendrick Lamar and Drake

Kendrick Lamar electrified Compton by shooting a video for “Not Like Us” with DJ Mustard, turning Saturday into a vibrant community happening.

Hometown hero Kendrick Lamar overtook the streets of Compton on Saturday (June 22) as he shot the music video for the Mustard-produced hit single, “Not Like Us.”

The event drew a drove of excited fans, who seized the chance to witness Kendrick Lamar in action. With the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department enhancing security, the video shoot transformed into a spontaneous community celebration, highlighting the shared excitement and unity of the people of Compton.

Kendrick Lamar, dressed variably in a vintage Martine Rose track jacket and a black leather outfit with cargo pants, collaborated with Mustard, the mastermind behind the song’s production.

Kendrick Lamar’s deep-rooted connection to Compton brought an authentic layer to the video shoot, with a diverse mix of people from all walks of life in tow. He shot the video at multiple locations around Los Angeles, including Nickerson Gardens and the historic Tam’s Burgers on Rosecrans Avenue.

Several celebrities from Compton and Los Angeles, including YG, Big Hit and Roddy Ricch, were spotted supporting Kendrick Lamar during the video shoot.

Adding to the intrigue, celebrity influencer Bobbi Althoff was inexplicably spotted wandering around a Compton park with YG, sparking speculation that she might be making a surprise appearance in the video.

“Not Like Us” is part of Lamar’s broader feud with fellow artist Drake.

Just days prior, Kendrick Lamar held his “The Pop Out: Ken and Friends” concert at the Kia Forum in Inglewood with an unprecedented five consecutive live performances of “Not Like Us.”