Kendrick Lamar’s “Alright” Inspires New College Scholarship (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) While his rap peers have been feuding over ghostwriting and touring, Kendrick Lamar continues to inspire community activism and education. K. Dot’s To Pimp A Butterfly track “Alright” has become a protest anthem, and the West Coast representative’s song is also the inspiration for a new college scholarship.

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The Philadelphia based Hip Hop outlet OogeeWoogee has established the “Be Alright” scholarship for a High Tech High School student. Kendrick visited the North Bergen, New Jersey school after English teacher Brian T. Mooney’s blog about including To Pimp A Butterfly in his lessons went viral.

“We always wanted to create a Hip Hop inspired scholarship,” said Wilkine Brutus, content director of OogeeWoogee. “‘Alright’ came at the right time and visit to the high school gave us a concrete idea of what we wanted.”

One High Tech graduate will receive $1,500 for college tuition and books. OogeeWoogee plans to expand the scholarship nationwide in the future.

Students must submit a 2-3 minute video that explains the positive aspects of Hip Hop through rap, poetry, or visual art talents. The submission with the most “likes” and “shares” on OogeeWoogee’s Facebook page will earn the scholarship.

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Watch Oogee Woogee “Be Alright” Scholarship announcement video below.