Kendrick Lamar’s “Not Like Us” Could Make Drake’s “Family Matters” Jab Reality With Grammy Win 

Kendrick Lamar Drake

Drake took aim at Kendrick Lamar on his “Family Matters,” diss, teasing, “Someone go hand him a Grammy right now.” 

Kendrick Lamar’s “Not Like Us” has taken on a life of its own, topping the charts and dominating the conversation, and now, the Recording Academy has confirmed the Drake diss is eligible to win a Grammy. 

During a recent interview, Recording Academy CEO Harvey Mason Jr. discussed whether the chart-topper could be nominated. “Obviously, it’s a hot record, it’s amazing artistry,” Mason Jr. told TMZ. “Great writing … the talent on that record, it’s incredible.” 

Mason Jr. continued, pointing out that Lamar stands a good chance of getting a nomination because of the “quality” of the song. He also highlighted Lamar’s popularity among Grammy voters. Notably, Lamar has  17 golden gramophones and has received 47 nominations.  

During the battle, Drake taunted K. Dot on “Family Matters,” stating, “Kendrick just opened his mouth. Someone go hand him a Grammy right now.” 

It appears Drizzy could be right as Mason Jr. insisted Kendrick Lamar has a good chance at scoring a Grammy win.  

“You got an artist that’s been nominated before,” he added. “He’s been successful with the organization. I don’t see any reason why it couldn’t be.” 

When asked whether Lamar’s fiery jabs and accusations at Drake would scare off Grammy members, the CEO dismissed the idea, confirming voters “appreciate greatness,” and K. Dot has it in spades. 

“That’s a relevant record, it’s impactful on so many levels,” he explained. “I like to believe the Academy members recognize that. 

Mason Jr. also considered the possibility of a “diss record” Grammys category in the future. “Hey, you never know,” he said, adding that it would be down to the members.