Kevin Hart Gifts Chris Rock A Goat Named Will Smith

Will Smith Chris Rock Oscars

Dave Chappelle joined the two legends in NYC.

Three of the most celebrated comedians of the last three decades stood on stage together last week. Kevin Hart, Chris Rock, and Dave Chappelle came together in New York City’s Madison Square Garden on July 23.

The MSG audience got to witness the comedic legends in person for the “Only Headliners Allowed” tour. At one point, Kevin Hart presented a live goat to Chris Rock as a symbol of him being one of the GOATs (Greatest Of All Time) of comedy.

In a clip posted to social media, Hart tells Rock, “You have to keep the goat. I bought you the f###### goat. I’m not joking, I bought the f###### goat.” Then Chappelle began commenting on the gift.

Dave Chappelle asked, “What are you going to name this goat, Chris?” Before Rock could answer Chappelle, Kevin Hart jumped in to reply, “The name is Will Smith… What? What’d I say?”

Will Chris Rock Ever Escape Jokes About Will Smith’s “Oscar Slap”?

Hart name-dropping Will Smith is a reference to the infamous “Oscar Slap” scandal. At this year’s Academy Award ceremony in March, King Richard actor Will Smith smacked Chris Rock in the face on live television.

Will Smith got angry at Chris Rock for making fun of his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, during an on-stage presentation at the Oscars. Rock joked about Smith’s bald head which is the result of the Girls Trip actress dealing with the condition known as alopecia.

Later that night, Will Smith received the award for Best Actor to a standing ovation. On April 1, Smith preemptively resigned his membership from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The organization also banned the former Fresh Prince from any AMPAS events for ten years.

Chris Rock clearly took the light jab from Kevin Hart in stride. The three superstars ended the show by taking shots of liquor together and posing for photos. The following day, Hart expressed his gratitude to Rock and Chappelle on Twitter.

“Last night was by far the best moment of my career… I can’t even explain it… I can’t find the words… Just know that last night was the true definition of [an] ‘EPIC NIGHT’… I love my brothers more than words can explain. We made history last night!!! #RockHartChappelle,” tweeted Kevin Hart.