Kevin Hart Violates Nick Cannon By Putting His Real Phone Number On Billboard Ads

Kevin Hart and Nick Cannon

Buddies Kevin Hart and Nick Cannon are in the middle of an epic prank war and it looks Kev may be up as their battle rages on!

Kevin Hart has escalated his prank war with Nick Cannon by plastering “The Masked Singer” host’s real phone number all over billboards in Los Angeles, Atlanta, and New York.

The pair’s jokey exchanges began when Cannon brought Hart a llama for his birthday earlier this month.

But the “Jumanji” star was unimpressed and called the prank “childish” while sharing the message Cannon sent alongside the animal, which read: “Since I’m having all these new kids, I thought I would bless you with a new one as well. Save the drama for your llama. Happy birthday.”

To pay his pal back, Kevin Hart decided to poke fun at the fact that Nick Cannon is now a dad of seven, as he paid for billboards with Nick’s real mobile phone number, alongside the words: “For any advice on fatherhood? Call my best friend Nick Cannon.”

Nick Cannon vs Kevin Hart
Nick Cannon vs Kevin Hart

Kevin shared an image of the billboards on Instagram, and wrote: “Since my brother @nickcannon decided to buy me a lama (sic) for my B Day I decided to do something nice for him as well….Here is a digital billboard in Los Angeles….I also did some in ATL & NY. If u want any advice on fatherhood please call my BEST FRIEND @nickcannon ….I’m sure his phone has been ringing nonstop. GOTCHA BACK B#### #PRANKWARS.”

Nick posted on his Instagram Story after the billboards went up, revealing that his phone “won’t stop ringing”, and adding that he “hates” Hart for the epic prank.

It remains to be seen how Nick Cannon will respond to the billboards.