Kid Capri Reveals He Has COVID-19: “I’m Sick As Hell”

Kid Capri urged his supporters: “Stay home if it’s not important,” after contracting COVID-19.

Kid Capri has revealed he has been suffering from the effects of COVID-19 for the past three days. 

The legendary producer took to Instagram Live to share the news with his followers. He later reposted the live with the caption, “I’m sick as hell. Stay home if it’s not important #kidcapri.” 

Visibly distressed, Kid Capri revealed. “I’m sick as s### man y’all got to be careful out there man. It’s bad out there man.” He continued explaining, “My heart is pounding, my back hurts. I’m pretty far from good.”  

Kid Capri Calls For Caution

Kid Capri pleaded with his followers: “Take care of yourselves. F### the parties, f### hanging out.” He continued, “If you ain’t got to be somewhere, then don’t go. Just relax, cos this s### is no joke.” 

A lot of people I know are dying,” he said and referred to Jessie D of Force MD’s, who died on Tuesday (Jan. 4), though his cause of death is unconfirmed. “If you ain’t healthy,” he said, “it will do you in. So try to stay in.” 

Kid Capri then mentioned DJ Kay Slay, who was recently hospitalized due to COVID-19 complications saying he had recently spoken to him. “I called Kay Slay in the hospital and he said he almost checked out. I think he getting better though,” he said. However, when a live viewer shared the news Kay Slay was on a ventilator Kid Capri grew increasingly upset, at one point turning from the camera.  

He then ended the live to try and find out news of Kay Slay’s condition. Delivering a final warning he said, “Remember, stay out the way.” 

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Elsewhere during the stream, Kid Capri revealed he had canceled all his upcoming appearances and is focused on healing and recovering. The Hip-Hop community rushed to the comments section of the post sending their love and well wishes. wishes Kid Capri and full and swift recovery.