Kid Cudi Says “Insano” Album Will Include 40 Songs

Kid Cudi

The rapper/actor is also bringing back Cudder’s Clubhouse.

Fans of Kid Cudi will have to wait until 2024 to hear his latest studio LP. But, according to the Cleveland-raised rapper, the forthcoming Insano album will host more than three dozen tracks.

“There are 40+ songs on INSANO between the main album and deluxe(s). [You’re] welcome. 2024, the [takeover] begins,” Kid Cudi tweeted on Tuesday morning (October 3).

He added, “I am positive this album will have everything [you] need from me, the fun, the deep thoughts, the inspiration to go out and live [your] life and be great, the love, the madness, all of it. And I have a wonderful cast of features that I’m sure [you] all will love.”

Kid Cudi’s previous body of work, 2022’s Entergalactic, contained 15 tracks and ran for 45 minutes. 2020’s Man on the Moon III: The Chosen had 18 tracks with a 58-minute run time. 2016’s Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin’ had 19 tracks with an 86-minute run time.

In addition to promising a considerable amount of new music, Kid Cudi also revealed he will present a series of live performances prior to the release of Insano. This week, he made a special announcement about his future plans.

“CUDDER’S CLUBHOUSE IS BACK!!!” he tweeted. “I will be [doing] intimate shows starting in NY next week, rolling [through] my entire discography, [performing] songs I never have before AND a sneak peek of more INSANO. [With] some special [guests] here and there as well, even Speedin’ Bullet and WZRD jams.

The We Are Who We Are actor dropped the 26-track Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven album in 2015. Cudi partnered with music producer Dot da Genius to create 2012’s WZRD joint project. That album only had 11 songs on the tracklist.