Kid Cudi Sets The Record Straight On Massive Emoji Tattoo

Kid Cudi

A troll convinced people that Kid Cudi got a huge emoji tattoo on his torso, prompting the rapper to respond.

Kid Cudi debunked a viral tweet claiming he got a ridiculous tattoo of an emoji keyboard.

A troll accused Kid Cudi of getting “the worst tattoo in the world” in a Twitter post on Sunday (July 16). The social media user posted a photo of the rapper’s supposed inkwork in a tweet that racked up 2 million views. Kid Cudi reacted to the post on Monday (July 17).

“This is not me lame,” he wrote.

He added, “It’s crazy out here man!! but when they hate u u win at life BIG time.”

Kid Cudi shut down the tattoo trolling a few days after receiving an Emmy nomination for his Netflix special Entergalactic. The multi-platinum selling artist was overjoyed to be nominated for Outstanding Animated Program.

“THIS IS HUGE!!!” he declared on social media. “CONGRATS TO THE WHOLE TEAM WHO BUSTED THEIR A#### FOR 3 YEARS AND BROUGHT THIS BAD BOY TO LIFE!! @netflix #entergalactic. Now, the big question: What to wear [to the Emmys]??”

Kid Cudi created and starred in Netflix’s Entergalactic, which served as a companion piece to his album of the same name. The special premiered in 2022. The cast included Jaden Smith, Ty Dolla $ign, Jessica Williams, Timothée Chalamet and Vanessa Hudgens.