Kim Kardashian Axes Kanye West’s Last Name From KKW Brand

kim kardashian

Kim Kardashian will rebrand her KKW Fragrance after legally being declared single in her divorce from Kanye West.

Kim Kardashian decided to rename her KKW Fragrance following her split from Kanye West.

The reality television star revealed plans to rebrand the fragrance via social media on Friday (April 1). Kim Kardashian said she will take down her KKW Fragrance website in May.

“On May 1st at midnight, @kkwfagrance will be shutting down the website so that we can relaunch fragrance in the future under a brand new name — and under a new web store where you can purchase from all beauty categories under one site,” she wrote.

Kim Kardashian also announced a sale. While the KKW Fragrance site remains up, customers will be able to get 40 percent off all items.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your loyalty and love these last few years,” she wrote. “I cannot wait to introduce you to the next chapter of my fragrance journey — I promise I won’t be gone for too long. In the meantime, enjoy 40% off sitewide until supplies last.”

The rebranding efforts come weeks after a judge granted Kim Kardashian’s request to be legally single again.

She officially dropped “West” from her name amid her divorce from Kanye West. The former couple still must settle other divorce matters such as child custody and property.