King Harris, T.I. and Tiny’s Son, Speaks On His Arrest

King Harris

The young emcee still doesn’t see how his actions are problematic.

Teen rapper King Harris, the son of singer Tameka “Tiny” (Cottle) Harris and Clifford “T.I.” Harris, finally spoke about getting arrested in Atlanta a few weeks ago. covered the story when it first broke.

The 18-year-old prince of the Grand Hustle empire was arrested for not wearing a seatbelt in his car. A video clip surfacing online shows a female voice explaining the charges to him, telling the young artist he had four counts against him with the arrest.

In another clip, he laughs about the arrest and says, “The king is back. Bruh, I am back. I’m free.”

He said that before the arrest, the officers asked him to submit some blood. He alleges they also wanted to look at his mouth and tongue to see if he smoked. King says he denied their request.

“Hell no,” he said when recounting his experience. “He wanted me to do something else. Not doing it. Not doing it.”

He said that he was placed under arrest because he did not comply with the officer’s request.

“Welp, that was how it was going to go anyway,” King said.

Adding, “When I saw those lights I said, ‘We going down.'”

According to the video, his friends were sleeping in the car, and the cops pulled up, questioning why the tint on their windows was so dark.

King stated that the officer asked him to get out of his car, but he said no. “It’s a demand/order.”

He eventually got out of the car as instructed.

Whatever was in his car and on him, the officer found it and placed it on the car’s hood. The cop then read the young his rights.

“Aye, I don’t understand how y’all think a m*th*rf*ck*r think it’s gangsta to get caught. Y’all n*gg*s get the f*ck off my d*ck!” The EUR News said King said on social media.

“Yeah y’all right n*gga got too much money, this how a n*gga supposed to be everyday, but sh*t I’m sorry that a m*th*rf*ck*r caught me while I was, you know what I’m sayin’, on my way to vacation,” he continued.

In another video, he said he was not a thug – perhaps clapping back at his dad’s comments about his arrest. reported, T.I. spoke on his son, saying, “I know my son. You think I ain’t spoke to my son? Think I ain’t told my son, his mama and they grandmamas, his ass going to prison. If he g###### keep that s### up, his ass going to prison. 

“Ain’t no way ’round it. Ain’t nothing I’m a be able to do about it,” he continued. “Can’t nobody stop it but him. I’ve already had the conversation. I’ve already made my peace with it. ‘Cause I know that energy. I was that energy. I know exactly how it’s gonna turn out.”

“King’s a good kid chasing after the wrong s###,” he said. “I trust in God to deal with it the way that he see fit … [King] done got all of the whoopings. He done got the [punishments]. He did everything as a child you can do to him. So now, he gone have to go through it and get through it.”

T.I. continued, “I’m a love him all [the] way through whatever it is he going through. And s###, man, he gon’ learn his lessons. Life is going to teach him all the lessons that he need to know. And that’s the most that we can do. That’s the best we can ask for.”