Kodak Black’s Artist Syko Bob Targeted In Wild Broad Daylight Shootout

Syko Bob

Syko Bob And two of his associates nearly lost their lives yesterday during a broad daylight shootout in Southern Florida.

Kodak Black and his crew continue to be the targets of hitmen, who seemed to be hell-bent on killing a member of the crew.

In the latest incident, Kodak Black’s close associate and sniper gang member Syko Bob and two of his associates were targeted by gunmen in a broad daylight shooting.

According to reports, the rapper and his friends were sitting in a busy intersection and Lauderhill, Florida when gunmen opened fire on their vehicle yesterday (April 26th ), around 3:00 p.m.

In what sounds like a scene out of an action thriller, a black BMW rolled up to Syko Bob’s car and began shooting.

The driver of Syko Bob’s vehicle punched the gas but struck several vehicles in an attempt to get away from the gunfire. An unknown individual in Syko Bob’s car fired back, causing the BMW to crash into a van.

The occupants of both vehicles abandoned the scene and fled. Syko Bob and his crew were transported to the hospital, where they were treated for minor injuries.

“All three victims refused to cooperate with the investigation and provided no details on the events,” Lt. Michael Santiago told The Sun-Sentinel.

The police are attempting to figure out who was driving the BMW that opened fire upon Syko Bob and his crew, but so far they have no solid leads.

Syko Bob addressed the shooting in an Instagram live post, to let everyone know he was doing just fine after the harrowing encounter.

Earlier this month, Kodak Black himself was targeted by shooters, who attempted to kill the rapper in a McDonald’s parking lot in Tallahassee, Florida.

A member of Kodak’s security detail was shot in the leg during that incident after gunmen followed him into a McDonald’s parking lot and began shooting indiscriminately.

So far, a motive has yet to be determined for either of the shootings.

Shortly after the gunfire erupted Kodak Black posted pictures of himself with his crew, including Syko Bob along with the hashtag #killthatboy.

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