Kodak Black Claims Cops Use Him For Clout & “Target” Him “So They Can Get Credit”  

Super Gremlin screengrab

Kodak Black went on a Twitter rant calling out the cops following his latest arrest: “How tf you send a n#### to jail for my own medication?”

Kodak Black went on a Twitter rant early this morning (Jul. 19) following his arrest last week. He blasted those who “targeted” him “so they can get credit,” for being the ones to send him to prison.  

The rapper was charged with drug trafficking last week after cops found 31 white tablets of oxycodone and $75,000 in cash while searching his vehicle. However, Kodak Black’s attorney filed a motion to test the alleged drugs seized by police. 

The “Super Gremlin” hitmaker took to Twitter, sharing his frustrations with the authorities in a series of angry posts. He claimed people want to see him fail, especially the cops who he accused of clout chasing.  

Kodak Black Accuses Cops Of Clout chasing

“They want a n#### sad, depressed, suffering! Nobody cares bout all da good you do! Just wanna catch you slipping so they can get credit for sending you to prison!” 


Kodak Black continued to vent. “Bro these people targeted me so bad! It be alotta s### ion say dawg but it’s krazy how they hate a n#### and don’t want me round here, dont wanna see me win, don’t want me doing nothing for the community.” 

The Florida native, who frequently gives back to his hometown, expressed that he isn’t obliged to live within the community nor help uplift it. He also called out those refusing to acknowledge his progress. “Can’t nobody sit up here and lie & say they ain’t been noticing the change and the progress I’ve been making!! They wanna remind people of my past instead of encouraging me to keep at this pace I’ve been going !” Kodak Black added.  

He then slammed the government, which he claimed only “destroy and neglect,” rather than “serve and protect,” before addressing his own legal issues. “How tf you send a n#### to jail for my own medication?” Kodak Black questioned. “Then tarnish my character like im trafficking oxycontin ??? But im posta sit here and dont talk about it?” 

Kodak Black also blasted the haters who rush to mention Donald Trump, who granted the rapper clemency in 2021. ” Any mistakes made they gone bring up trump! Lol yall some soft ass hating ass mf!” Check out his comments below.