Kodak Black Gets Some Good And Bad News About His Probation

Kodak Black

A judge rejected Kodak Black’s motion for early termination of his supervised release but made his probation less restrictive.

A judge denied Kodak Black’s request for early termination of his probation.

The Florida native asked the court to end his supervised release over a year after former President Donald Trump commuted the rapper’s prison sentence.

Kodak Black, whose government name is Bill Kapri, served approximately 21 months behind bars for falsifying information to buy firearms.

Trump allowed Kodak Black to get out of prison, but the ex-president kept the terms of the Sniper Gang rhymer’s probation intact.

Kodak Black’s lawyer Bradford Cohen sought early termination of his client’s supervised release based on good behavior. Unfortunately, the feds objected to the idea.

The rapper previously violated his probation when he failed a drug test when MDMA was detected in his system. He completed a 90-day stint in rehab and is clean and sober.

“The Government and Probation oppose early termination of supervised release,” court documents noted. “Probation opposes early termination because of Defendant’s history of violence and compliance issues during supervised release. Neither the Government nor U.S. Probation, however, oppose converting Defendant’s supervised release to a non-reporting status.”

Judge Jose Martinez rejected Kodak Black’s motion for early termination but made the probation less restrictive. The judge switched the Atlantic Records artist’s supervised release to non-reporting status.

“It is hereby ordered and adjudged that Defendant’s Motion for Early Termination of Supervised Release is denied without prejudice,” the judge ruled. “However, Defendant’s supervised release shall be converted into a non-reporting status. Defendant shall comply with all conditions of non-reporting supervised release, as set forth by U.S. Probation.”

Thanks to the new terms of his probation, the rapper can tour nationally, and internationally to support the release of his new album Back for Everything, since he will no longer be required to be physically present to check in with his probation officer.