Kodak Black Says Jada Pinkett Smith Needs To Link Him: “You Don’t Deserve Will Smith”

Kodak Black says Jada Pinkett Smith needs to “stop playing Will Smith like that,” and advises Will to get himself a “young tenderoni.”

Kodak Black is shooting his shot at Jada Pinkett Smith but needs her to fix her “out of pocket” ways before he can entertain her. 

The “Super Gremlin” rapper hopped on Instagram Live this weekend to share his thoughts on Will Smith’s marriage to Jada. The outspoken artist did not hold back, also addressing her relationship with Tupac and had some harsh words for Willow Smith. 

“Jada Pinkett, baby, you was out of pocket. You out of pocket for that s###,” Kodak began. He then told Jada she needs a slice of Kodak Black. “Come f**k with me. That’s what you need to do ’cause that s### you doing, that s### you doing ain’t real, bro.” 

As for Will Smith, Kodak Black says Jada doesn’t deserve him. “You got a ni**a who love you, all kinds of s###,” he said. “Come f**k with Kodak. That’s what you need ’cause you just on some b#######. You don’t deserve Will Smith. You deserve Yak.” He added,”You deserve me.” 

Kodak’s “out of pocket” remarks come in response to resurfaced clips of the couple which went viral recently. In one, Jada admitted to crying before she married the Philadelphia native. In another, Will accuses Jada of using him for social media when she films him without permission while promoting her Red Table Talks show.  

Kodak Black Says “Tupac Wasn’t All The Way Gangsta”

Meanwhile, Kodak Black also had something to say about Jada’s relationship with Pac. “Tupac wasn’t all the way cut, wasn’t all the way gangsta his whole life. The boy went to acting school, all kind of s###, dancing,” he said. “Stop playing Will Smith like that, bro. Will Smith a stand-up ni**a, a stand-up man with integrity.” 

Kodak Black defended Will Smith once again, who he says needs a “young tenderoni.” “Go get you some s### about 18 years old, get you some s### about 22,” he said.  

He also had some words about 21-year-old Willow Smith’s loyalty, calling her out of her name. “Go ‘head get you a whole ‘nother daughter, one who gon’ praise you, gon’ cherish you. B####, you supposed to be my daughter, daddy’s girl,” Kodak Black ranted.