KXNG Crooked Facing “Monstrous Competitor” Dizaster in “Monumental” Battle Rap Clash  

KXNG Crooked will take on Dizaster on the newly formed GTX battle league in what is promising to be an epic “clash of the titans.”

KXNG Crooked and GTX battle league made a major announcement on Monday night (May 17), revealing the legendary rapper will step into the ring with one of battle rap’s most accomplished stars, Dizaster, in an epic culture-shifting clash.  

The battle was announced at a press conference hosted by the team responsible for the new league, battle rap legends Dizaster and GrindTime founders Lush One and Drect.  

“I can’t just go around saying I’m one of the best to ever put words together right?” KXNG Crooked said, as per HipHopDX. “I have to prove it. I’m really trying to prove it to myself and although Dizaster is a monstrous competitor, he’s just the middleman in this scenario. This won’t be a walk in the park for either of us. Clash of the titans. Brought to you by a brand that we all trust. GTX.”  

KXNG Crooked signed the contract during the live event after a trailer revealed him as the latest industry figure to test their pens and performance in the battle rap arena. Check it out below.  


He later revealed he’s taken the step “for the good of the culture,” but fully understands that he’s “gotta go crazy,” to show out on the stage against Diz, who has participated in some of the culture’s biggest clashes to date.  

Both rappers look set to bring their best as Diz plans to prove he is “irrefutably the best rapper on earth,” in the battle. “Time to raise the bar once again,” he declared. 

“There’s no one else more equipped than these two legends,” said co-founder Lush One. I grew up inspired by KXNG Crooked, and Dizaster sets the standard in this space, plus they both also happen to be from the West. Let’s just chill, to ‘The Next Episode.’” 

He also said the battle and the plans GTX is rolling out will shift the culture.  

“This is not only huge for battle rap culture but also monumental for Hip Hop as a whole,” he said. “We are here to break barriers and set new precedents with this battle, creating a platform for not only battle rappers but the best lyricists in the industry to test their skills and put on incredible performances that will be seminal moments in history.” 

Along with the KXNG Crooked versus Dizaster battle, the league also detailed their partnership with web3 tycoons Band Royalty. Check out the press conference where they discuss their plans to bring more money into the artists’ pockets.