L.A Reid Suggests Beyoncé & Mariah Carey “Verzuz” Clash; Twitter Explodes

L.A Reid said Beyoncé and Mariah Carey would be his perfect competitors to go head-to-head in a Verzuz battle.

Since the outset of the pandemic and beyond, Verzuz battles kept music lovers across the globe entertained. One thing fans of the celebratory competition like to do is debate their fantasy match-ups. L.A Reid has touted one particular “Ultimate Divas” face-off that has fans in a frenzy. 

The legendary record executive sparked a Verzuz debate that has fans of the two superstar singers fiercely clashing on social media. L.A revealed who he thought would be a good match for the show during an appearance on The Real.

Offering up the most epic combination he could fathom, he answered, “It’s Mariah Carey versus Beyoncé!” 

He and the hosts pointed to the enormity of such an event due to their huge fanbases, massive catalog of hits, and outstanding legacies.  

“Bey’s the queen, right? We know Bey is the queen,” L.A added. “But sometimes Mariah might be slightly underrated for how long her career has lasted, how many hits she has, and she practically owns Christmas.” 

Twitter Goes Into Debate Mode

Once the clip began to circulate, fans on social media lost their minds. Twitter users began pitting the talented songstresses’ vocal abilities and accolades against the other.  

One user wrote, “The fuhh he say? I love Beyonce and I love Mariah, but Mariah would destroy vocally. If it is dance competition bey would win.” 

While another questioned Mariah’s hits outside of her iconic “All I Want For Christmas”.  

“But isn’t the point of Verzuz supposed to be based on going hit for hit ? I’m sorry but at some point Ms.Claus gotta play something other thenall I want for Christmas, I get it’s her season RN and all but” 

Meanwhile, others debated whether the match was an even one, given their differing eras musically. 

“Mariah Carey debuted in 1990 Beyoncé’s solo career started in 2003. Mariah and Beyoncé are not peers.” 

“They are from different gens, not a good match. The only credible match for Mariah would be against Whitney Houston or Celine Dion. Whitney is out for obvious reasons and Celine is not black, but if they waive that technicality I could see Celine entertaining the idea.” 

Mariah Carey Underrated?

L.A Reid’s assessment of Mariah as “underrated” puzzled some but made sense to others.  

“Since when having 19 #1’s & known as the best selling female artist of all time with 200 million records sold make you underrated ?” 

“Too many of y’all are shocked someone called Mariah underrated. Half of y’all not bumping 2/3 of her music and the real gems are there. I’m a die hard MC fan but I can easily see Beyonce winning a verzuz. Beyonce is known for being a hit maker. MC does it for love of the craft.” 

However, one of the most popular responses to the thread summed up the situation neatly. 

“1. They are not peers 2. Mariah isn’t underrated 3. Neither are ever getting on that platform”