LAPD Allegedly Has Video Of A$AP Rocky Shooting

A$AP Rocky

The LAPD has reported they have a video of A$AP Rocky shooting at an unidentified person during an argument in Hollywood. Read more!

There is more bad news for the Harlem rapper and soon-to-be father, A$AP Rocky.

According to TMZ, the LAPD has reported they have a video of the alleged November shooting that A$AP Rocky is currently under fire for. It is allegedly a surveillance video from a local spot that supposedly captured everything.

As reported by, the “Goldie” rapper is accused of shooting at a man and grazing him in the hand in Hollywood after the two were in a heated argument. 

The dispute escalated, and A$AP Rocky shot the victim before fleeing the scene on foot with two other men. The victim later sought

There is no word on the quality of the video or if the artist is clearly identified.

The rap star did receive some good news. The guns found on A$AP Rocky’s property after his arrest were legally obtained. 

And the weapons the police found did not match the firearm law enforcement was looking for based on the shell casings. The police know the exact type of caliber used in the crime.

Hopefully, when his new child comes with Rihanna, this drama will be over, and A$AP Rocky will be home with his new family.

The rapper has yet to be charged, but he is out on a $550,000 bond over a charge of assault with a deadly weapon.