Lauryn Hill Breaks Silence On Daughter’s Abuse Claims

Lauryn issued a very eloquent and thoughtful statement after her daughter Selah about her relationship with her mother.

(AllHipHop News) There is something about a mother’s love that is strongly fierce and ferocious.

A she-lion, Lauryn Hill took to Instagram to unpack the complicated nature of her relationship with her daughter, Selah Marley and her other five children.

After Selah took to Instagram Live and poured her heart about growing up Hill and Marley, it became clear that there were many uncomfortable soul-injuries that Selah believed that she has sustained as a result of her parents separation.

One of the bombs dropped in her up close and personal was that she was physically disciplined by her parents — an allegation that for some constituted abuse.

Selah Marley said, “She would spank us to no avail,” Selah said. “She was just very angry. So, so, so, so, so, so angry. She was literally not easy to talk to and then half the time we didn’t live with her…the threats, the constant threats (of beatings)… That belt, man. That’s that slave s##t. That was some slavery s##t.”

Despite these allegations, Selah said that her mother is a “strong woman.”

It took some time, but Hill did respond in a length post, saying that she worked extremely hard to protect her children from vultures of the culture.

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Lauryn admitted she has disciplined her children in the same manner that other Black parents have. Lauryn said she has not always allowed her children to speak out, due to her fear of the children being exploited.

But now she supports their expression. Check out her insightful post in full:

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