Letter From Martin Luther King Debating Use Of The “N Word” Up For Sale 

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The letter from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was held in a private collection and is now reportedly on sale for almost $100,000.

A letter of historical import from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. discussing the use of the “n word” is up for sale.  

The document was reportedly kept in a private collection until recently but is now for sale via Moments In Time. While the site states the price is available on request, TMZ reports the letter from Dr. Martin Luther King has a price tag of $95,000. 

The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King was corresponding with William A. Bennett, addressing points raised in their previous exchange regarding “racial appellations” – or the terms used to describe Black Americans.  

He agreed with Bennet that the words “’dark skinned American’ constitute a vivid depiction of both citizenship and race.” Dr King stated this is in stark contrast to the “n word” and its connotations.  

“The word ‘n#####,’” he explained, “carries with it a meaning deeply rooted in the debilitating racist caste ordering of our society’s slavery epoch and segregation era.” 

Dr. King continued, “’Dark skinned American’ often finds a way into my speeches and writings.” He also noted he was encouraged to see so many others doing the same. He explained use of the term or its equivalents reflects “both our great heritage and our devotion to a brand of Americanism of the highest order.” 

The site also offers other original manuscripts for sale. These include other writings of Dr. King alongside love notes from Tupac and letters from civil rights activist Rosa Parks. 

More than half a century after Dr. Martin Luther King’s letter, the debate surrounding the use of the word continues. Read the letter in full below.

Momentsintime.com Letter from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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